I Use Poems

I use poems the size of war.

I write them in the morning

after the pretty city motions work.

When other citizens shop

for beans or rake progress

I arrange sounds that fuck people.


So high they get, after my oos and aahs

they promise not to kill again 


Teddy Bear

I am not happy in my playhouse. 

My teddy bear changed.  Or I did.  

Or the world did. 


I got some mad inside me and 

said fudge.  Teddy hissed. 

I snuggle with a stressed out bear

who paws my tongue. 

Ha.  Good great pancake syrup.









My number one fur wants to gain morality or sensibilities. 














Some days aren’t ours 

they come and they go

and what are we 


we are what is left on the chair

watching and loving 

and for what and why…


when we realize our mother

loved us best and that was as good 

as we can get. And then   then

we think someone else might love

us. We think we’ve found 

some magic that the rest 

was too dumb to find….that we are

lucky and blessed. Then… then we come 

home early and find our cat on the neighbor’s lap

purring.  Then we say suck it and we find

our lover in some odd position giving

goo glue eyes at some slender beef

and then… then we leave and walk and walk

and walk until we forget who we think we are 

and we stop caring about this life. This life goes

by too short but then, then we don’t want it

it is meaningless. It is pain.  We are all there is.

We are not enough. We are not garlic or a sunset.

We are old. We are still stupid. We don’t 

like to be alone, still stupid and old


But others can’t be trusted. We can’t stand on their back

to see farther.  We can’t make them hold us. We smell.

We are cry babies.  


There is no pudding for cry babies.  

There are no songs for cowards. 



The bath water is cold and the flies are in.

we have sand in our butts. We are freaky 

looking wearing blue all the time.  We 

write. We shit. We pace. We write. 


No one reads it because it is lame. It is not

smart. we can not write smart. We try but 

everyone tells us told you so.  


We say fug off but we hurt and want someone

to tell us we are ok but we are not ok and so 

no one will say it and we wouldn’t believe

it and so here we are   


and yet we talk politics and paints and pens


is there anymore ale


it doesn’t matter -I’ll have a glass of tap water


I don’t how it began.  I think I was born this way. not that I’ve haven’t spent years workin’ on sound. i have. I’ve made sound into a friend.  I’ve made it into something that happens when I sit down and write.   I’ve made it automatic, and not that I can even call it sound.  its not sound. most of it is irregular, the meter is like a hobo’s hum.  the tone playful, simple, and humdrum.  its the hour after your grandmother died, and you don’t know it yet, but you expect the worse when the phone rings.  Its the process of mopping a floor that doesn’t need it.  You do it because you can’t sit still.  you can’t mourn uncertainty. you can’t pace into a hole. so you clean.  you put everything in a place.  you double check, under the bed, you hang up your robe that fell two months ago.  Then you mumble “give me thousands of lovers,” maybe rock or shake a leg, or crack your neck.  you ask what’s the point of this, sigh.  Then city lights shut off. the sun comes over the houses, into your window, and for some reason, light hits your hand, and you smile, and your eyes drop a little dumb tear, and little laugh begins to fold and open your chest, and a voice begins. its says, now there was a time, oh of course there was a time,a normal time, really just yesterday, a p and j was made on homemade bread, the bread was toasted, and the j got all over and p greased the counter. it wasn’t that good, but it was good enough. the p and j is rotten. it is not fit for a last meal.  it is not a beef stick.  you call it dinner with anger, but you eat it. and sleep the same.  in the late afternoon you say, I think I was born this way. you pick up the cheap guitar and sing for hours. you don’t remember how it began.  you’ve worked years at raising your voice into a responsible companion. Now every time you pick up a guitar, a voice comes.  its automatic.   there are problems.  nobody values a voice. its taken for granted.  no one wants to hire or buy your voice. people turn the volume down.  the people want dance music, not throat songs, not blues strums, there is no place for your sound. you go into the box and color on the walls.  put pictures up, settle in, reserved to die that way. somebody kicks the box, you look up, a girl is moppin up. she’s says, i heard your song, its good, you need practice.  she climbs in the box and hits her fist into you. she sets a beat.  you look at her, hard, long, it hurts.  your sound at first is a scream.  then a melody,  then your voice falls out in hobo meter, its a tone. a vibration. a seed. a bomb, a gene, you don’t know.  you can’t say if it is this or that you don’t know where it came from or how.  you stay in the box, and let your brain thump out.